Matt Wettstein, DPM

Matt Wettstein, DPM

Twin Falls, Idaho Podiatrist
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Advanced Foot and Ankle is led by Dr. Matt Wettstein. Originally from Logan, UT, Dr. Wettstein completed his undergraduate studies at Utah State University before attending Des Moines University in the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. After graduating with top honors, he then completed his residency in Salt Lake City, UT.

Dr. Wettstein’s interest in the field of podiatry was inspired by both of his parents. His mother was a wound care nurse and he was able to learn the importance of foot and ankle care from her while growing up. His father was an engineer, and this contributes to his view of the foot as an amazing structural device, one that has many intricate functions and subtle ways it can be corrected. This makes Dr. Wettstein an excellent foot and ankle specialist.

When not providing foot and ankle care for his patients, Dr. Wettstein enjoys spending time with his wife, Diana, and their four children. He also enjoys running, motorsports, woodworking, and mechanical work.

Twin Falls Podiatrist, Dr. Matt Wettstein's Approach to Foot and Ankle Care

When it comes to our philosophy regarding patient care, it is best summed up by saying that making our patients feel comfortable and pleased with their care is a top priority. Other areas of importance are effective communication so you can understand the issue and see why we are prescribing a particular treatment to address it.

Our practice is protocol-driven and relies on a scientific approach for evaluating and treating all foot and ankle conditions. This ensures that our patients consistently receive the effective care they need from a foot and ankle specialist. With regards to treatment, we strive to use conservative care whenever possible and consider invasive surgical procedures to be a “last resort.” When going into surgery, Dr. Wettstein has tremendous experience in order to make sure you get the care his patients need.

In regards to Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery, Dr. Wettstein is a Platinum Centurion Surgeon who has performed over 100 Lapiplasty procedures.

Expert Wound Care in Twin Falls, Idaho

An area of the practice that is particularly close to Dr. Wettstein’s heart is diabetic wound care. His mother was one of the first certified wound care nurses, which raised awareness of the importance of diabetic foot concerns and sparked an interest in the field. He is passionate about helping people treat their wounds and preventing serious complications such as infections and amputations.

Dr. Wettstein has a unique approach to wound care that can heal a foot wound faster and easier than other treatments. If you're dealing with a non-healing wound or diabetic ulcer, he can help!

The Advanced Foot and Ankle Advantage

In our communities, many doctors are employed by hospitals. Unfortunately, this can lead to redirections and red tape that delay or prevent procedures that will help a patient. Without these constraints, we are able to handle everything in-house, work with patients financially, and offer personalized, customized care.

First-Class Foot and Ankle Specialist in the Twin Falls, Idaho Area

Now that you know more about our staff here at Advanced Foot and Ankle, it’s time to understand the condition that is causing issues for your foot or ankle. In order to help you with this, we are pleased to offer a growing library of pages and blog posts dedicated to the problems that cause pain or take away your ability to enjoy your favorite activities. We are also pleased to offer preventative solutions for potential issues as well, so contact us today for additional information.

If you're looking for a podiatrist in Twin Falls, call our office at (208) 731-6321. If you’d prefer, feel free to schedule an appointment online today so you can receive the podiatric care you need.