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Advanced Foot and Ankle is led by Dr. Matt Wettstein. Originally from Logan, UT, Dr. Wettstein completed his undergraduate studies at Utah State University before attending Des Moines University in the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. After graduating with top honors, he then completed his residency in Salt Lake City, UT....

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The Right Solutions for Your Foot and Ankle Problems

Far too many people disregard foot pain as something that simply happens when we become older or, perhaps even worse, dismiss it altogether as “not a big deal.” They don’t take into consideration the fact that pain is our bodies’ way of letting us know a problem exists!

Foot and ankle pain tends to be rather common because the lower limbs are the foundation for the entire body. They provide stability, enable mobility, and, most importantly, endure tremendous force loads. Even walking around during a normal day increases the amount of pressure they face by one-and-a-half times your bodyweight. Additionally, the lower limbs are complex structures and contain numerous bones, muscles, and connective tissues. This means there’s a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong.

Fortunately, you can always find the help you need here at Advanced Foot and Ankle!

Our expert podiatry team—under the guidance of our respected, experienced, and compassionate podiatrist, Dr. Matt Wettstein—provides first-class treatment for patients living in the Twin Falls and Burley, ID communities. Whether you're suffering from a mild sprain or chronic heel pain, we are committed to helping you return to a pain-free, active life through expert treatment of your foot and ankle.

We Provide Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care Services

Advanced Foot and Ankle provides comprehensive care for a wide array of lower limb problems. We can place these issues into a couple of general categories to better help you find the information you need. These categories include:

  • Arthritis in the Foot or Ankle Arthritis has numerous forms (over 100 different types!) and is not a condition only affecting senior patients. We provide care and treatment for the types of arthritis that affect your lower limbs, like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritic conditions that develop from injury, and gout.
  • Diabetic Foot Care – Diabetic individuals absolutely must give extra attention to foot care. Dr. Wettstein can help you create a diabetic foot care plan centered on prevention techniques to reduce the risk of serious medical complications. Another essential component of your plan is using methods to catch problems at their earliest, most treatable stages.
  • Heel Pain – The most common source of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, but we also provide treatment if you suffer from other issues like Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, Sever’s disease, and stress fractures.
  • Skin and Nail Care No matter if you develop fungal nail infections, corns, and calluses, or ingrown toenails, Dr. Wettstein will create a customized treatment plan for you. Many skin and toenail issues are best treated at early stages, so be sure to contact our office as soon as you become aware of them.
  • Sports Injuries – Being physically active is a smart way to improve your health and overall levels of fitness, but physical activities unfortunately always have at least a certain risk of injury. The good news is that many common sports injuries are successfully treated with conservative, nonsurgical care.
Our friendly staff looks forward to hearing from you, so either call our Twin Falls office at (208) 731-6321 or our Burley office at (208) 312-4646.

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We believe informed patients are best able to make the right decisions regarding their health and wellbeing. To help facilitate your education about foot and ankle conditions that might affect you, we provide, and continually maintain, a library of content explaining why issues develop and what you can do about them. Feel free to browse through our webpages and check out our blog to find the information you need to achieve optimal foot and ankle health for you and your family.

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