Common Sports Injuries for Feet and Ankles

Sports Injuries treatment with Twin Falls PodiatristThere are many different ways to get hurt exercising or participating in athletic activities, but several tend to be more commonplace than others. These include:

  • Sprained anklesAnkle sprains happen even to non-athletes, but sports certainly increase the risk of this common injury that shares symptoms with fractures.
  • Plantar fasciitis. This condition results from overuse of the plantar fascia (band of tissue found on the bottom of the foot) and brings sharp heel pain with the first steps of the day.
  • Stress fractures. Muscle tissue helps keep some of the physical forces of running and jumping away from bones. When muscles fatigue, they have a diminished capacity to provide that support, which means bones are more likely to develop hairline fractures, which cause pain.
  • Achilles tendinitisIndividuals who only participate in sports on the weekend (“weekend warriors”) are most susceptible to this particular injury marked by pain and stiffness along the Achilles tendon.

Sport Injury Treatment Options

No one ever wants to get hurt, but the silver lining for common injuries is the fact that most are successfully treated with conservative care methods. Many of our patients benefit from customized treatment plans that include rest, immobilization, ice therapy, compression, elevation, medication, orthotic devices, and braces. Physical therapy and exercises are quite beneficial for strengthening a weakened area and restoring range of motion. We might also recommend laser-based therapy to help relieve pain and encourage healing in an injured area.

When surgery is required, you can take comfort in the fact that Advanced Foot and Ankle offers surgical procedures performed by a skilled, experienced foot surgeon. Before your procedure, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect from the process.

Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Our office is proud to provide effective sports injury treatment for patients from the Twin Falls, ID community, but we’d feel even better knowing that individuals were able to avoid painful conditions. Some of the best tips for injury prevention include:

  • Appropriate shoes that fit well. Wearing the right shoes for your activity is important, but so too is ensuring a proper fit. Athletic footwear should not be too tight nor loose, and feature solid arch support and ample cushioning for the heel.
  • Avoid overuse. This is important when starting a workout program, but certainly applies any time you lead an active life. If you are just beginning an exercise or running program, be sure to start at low levels of duration and intensity and gradually build them up over time.
  • Prepare your body for activity. Before running, working out, or playing sports, take five to ten minutes to warm up, and then follow with dynamic stretches.
  • Cross-train. This certainly ties in with avoiding overuse, but incorporate low-impact activities into your workout program. Cycling, swimming, and yoga are great options.

Professional Sports Injury Care in Twin Falls

When injury strikes, your first move needs to be protecting the injured area by stopping whatever activity you were performing and staying off the foot as much as possible. As soon as you are able, contact our office so we can set up an appointment to diagnose your condition and provide the effective treatment you need. We will assess the condition to understand the extent of the injury and use that knowledge to create a unique foot care plan for you.

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