Custom Orthotics for Pain Relief

A bad foundation can cause problems throughout a building: cracks in floors and walls, doors that won’t latch, windows that won’t shut. Likewise, your feet Doctor Holding Custom Orthoticsare your foundation, and if they have structural or biomechanical defects, it can lead to significant pain and deformity in your lower legs and beyond. These small flaws are magnified by the stresses of modern living—our distant ancestors didn’t have to worry about spending all day on hard, flat tile, linoleum, and concrete like we do!

That’s where custom orthotics come in. These devices, which are placed inside your shoes to support your feet, provide an “evolutionary shortcut,” treating the underlying cause of you pain and forcing your feet to operate in an efficient manner. This not only alleviates pain, but can prevent significant and lasting damage to your entire skeletal system.

The Advantages of Custom Orthotics

Poor foot biomechanics are a contributing factor in a wide variety of common foot and ankle problems, which is why custom orthotics are such a versatile tool. They can provide support for sagging arches, extra cushioning for painful heels, bracing and stability for feet and ankles that pronate (roll) too far with each step, or even accommodate discrepancies in the lengths of your legs.

The greatest benefit of orthotics is that they treat foot pain at the source, rather than simply manage the symptoms. We can, for example, give you a shot or a stretching program for heel pain, but it will keep coming back if you don’t treat the underlying foot flaw causing the pain in the first place. Simply putting your feet back into proper position when you stand and walk can help eliminate pain and prevent issues such as:

In addition to helping you avoid painful conditions and deformities, the newly optimized biomechanical efficiency you will achieve can actually improve function throughout the body. For example, athletes who wear orthotics often find that they help them run faster, improve balance, increase endurance, and train longer without fatigue or injury.

Why Choose Custom?

You’ve probably seen (and maybe even used) relatively inexpensive padded insoles available at the pharmacy or grocery store. While these may provide some relief in some circumstances, custom orthotics are a similar but significantly more effective tool.

That’s because custom orthotics are molded exactly to the shape and form of your feet, rather than mass-produced to fit a handful of basic foot types. When you visit our office, we’ll create the molds, then send them to a laboratory to be made. Once the orthotics are ready, we’ll make any final adjustments necessary so that they fit you perfectly.

Unlike the vast majority of prefabricated inserts, custom orthotics can not only relieve painful symptoms, but treat the fundamental causes of foot pain and injury, including gait abnormalities and overpronation. They also tend to be much more durable than standard insoles, in many cases allowing you to wear the same pair for years with proper care and maintenance.

Supporting Your Feet in Twin Falls, ID

If you find that foot pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, custom orthotics are one of the many treatments we offer at Advanced Foot & Ankle to help support your feet. For a comprehensive evaluation and a discussion of treatment options, please give us a call at (208) 731-6321. We have offices in Twin Falls and Burley, ID to serve you - schedule your appointment today!