Diabetic Foot Care

One of the important services we provide for our Idaho patients is diabetic foot care. Individuals who live with diabetes must perform an array of measures to successfully manage the disease, and this includes making sure that foot issues are prevented or at least treated in early stages to reduce the risk of serious medical complications. We can help you or your loved one create an effective diabetic foot care plan and will provide the treatment necessary to promptly address any issues that arise before they become critical.

Structural Issues

Some issues develop on account of accidents or improperly-fitting footwear, but some are simply caused by an inherited foot structure. This is the case for problems caused by high arches. Your body relies on a natural rolling motion known as pronation to absorb the tremendous forces that accompany impact and aid in your mobility. Structural issues can have a negative effect on your gait pronation pattern. We may be able to treat these kinds of problems with the use of custom orthotics.


Arthritis has more forms than people realize (over 100 different types!) and is not only an issue that affects senior patients. Dr. Wettstein provides care and treatment for the various types of arthritis that can affect your lower limbs, like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and arthritic conditions that develop as a result of a physical injury.

Fungal Infections

Athlete’s foot may sound like it would only happen to active individuals, but this is a common fungal infection that is usually treated successfully at home. Severe cases, though, will usually require professional care, which we can provide. In addition to treating athlete’s foot, we also provide treatment for fungal toenails. This fungal infection frequently causes discolored, distorted, and brittle nail tissue.

Pediatric Foot Care

No parent wants his or her child to be in pain, so bring your son or daughter to see Dr. Wettstein for any foot or ankle issue. Our practice provides services for many conditions that affect children, like ingrown toenails, Sever’s disease, athlete’s foot, and tarsal coalition. Your child might not complain about pain or discomfort, so pay attention for limping or sudden withdrawal from activities that he or she would normally enjoy. Then contact our office and get the help your son or daughter needs!

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Our hope is always to treat your foot or ankle condition with the use of conservative care, but there are cases where surgical procedures are the best option for taking away pain and restoring mobility. When foot or ankle surgery is necessary, you can take comfort in the fact that Dr. Wettstein has the skill, experience, and knowledge you want from a podiatrist who is working on your foot or ankle.

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