How Does UltraMIST® Treat Wounds

The UltraMist system uses low-frequency ultrasound therapy to debride and treat a wound. The system uses a saline fluid mist to treat the wound surface. The UltraMist technology allows the ultrasound energy to reach deeper into the wound, treating farther than just the wound surface.

This treatment cleans the wound, which reduces bacteria overgrowth. It also improves blood flow and decreases inflammation, creating an optimal healing environment for wounds and diabetic foot ulcers.

Painless Wound Care Treatment

The UltraMist is completely painless and is no contact. Meaning the treatment will not touch the wound, so patients will not feel any pain or sensations during the treatment. Unlike most wound treatment options, UltraMist uses sound waves to penetrate the wound below the surface.  

UltraMist is a great treatment option for patients needing pain medication or injections to debride their wounds. Considering this treatment is completely painless, it is a great treatment for patients of all ages.

What to Expect From Treatment

This treatment can last from a few minutes to 20 minutes. Our team will remove old bandages and wash the wound during the treatment. Next, we will use the wand to spray the saline mist gently into the wound while the ultrasound waves are emitted through the metal transducer.

After using the UltraMist, our team will redress the wound and schedule a follow-up appointment.

When to Expect Results From UltraMist

Some patients have seen results in as little as 2-3 treatments. The results and healing time will depend on the size and severity of the wound.

Types of Wounds Treated with UltraMist

Wound Care Treatment in Twin Falls, ID

Advanced Foot & Ankle is a wound care specialty clinic located in Twin Falls, ID. Dr. Wettstein has created an Amputation Prevention Clinic in his office to help patients prevent their wounds from becoming infected and unmanageable.

Wound care on the foot and ankles is different from wounds on other areas of the body. The pressure and weight of walking on your feet can make treating wounds more difficult. If you have a wound or ulcer on your foot or ankles, you should be treated by a foot and ankle expert.

Podiatrist, Dr. Wettstein is dedicated to treating wounds and limb salvage. Make an appointment with Dr. Wettstein today.

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