The Advanced Foot & Ankle Newsletter

When it comes to pain, injury, or other conditions surrounding foot and ankle health, the right treatment matters. This doesn't just concern making the right diagnosis, but also providing the best treatment options for a patient's individual needs and lifestyle. Read more about foot and ankle problems and the treatments provided at Advanced Foot & Ankle. 
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  • Spring 2020 Newsletter Dr. Matt Wettstein of Advanced Foot & Ankle in Twin Falls and Burley Idaho has your tips for dry feet, foot fungus, and ingrown toenails. Check out our Newsletter!
  • Winter 2019 Newsletter Are you interested in getting your feet ready for 2020, is it time for new Orthotics, or are you looking to improve your toenails? Read our Newsletter to find out how!
  • 2019 Fall Newsletter Are you interested in keeping corns and calluses away, finding good slippers, learning about potential exercise problems, and more? Read our newsletter!
  • Summer 2019 Newsletter Are you interested in healthy eating, ankle stability, and children's foot health? Read our latest newsletter!
  • Spring 2019 Newsletter The Advanced Foot and Ankle Spring 2019 Newsletter features tips on stretching a tight Achilles tendon, how to make better fast food choices, and more.
  • Winter News2018 Cold feet, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis pain
  • Fall 2018 Newsletter Our fall newsletter gives you some useful information on nerve pain, back-to-school, and diet!
  • Spring 2018 Newsletter Gear up for big games, take care of painful overpronation problems, and make a tasty green smoothie. These tips and more in the Spring 2018 newsletter from Advanced Foot & Ankle!
  • Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter Our Fall/Winter newsletter highlights our new MLS Laser therapy, as well tips for big toe stiffness and how weight can affect your foot health.
  • June 2017 Newsletter The June 2017 newsletter for Advanced Foot & Ankle, with articles from Dr. Matt Wettstein and staff.