Foot & Ankle Care Services

Advanced Foot & Ankle provides a wide array of services and specialties to all of our patients. Learn more about the ways we help patients live healthier and more comfortable lives.

Heel PainHeel Pain

Some causes of heel pain are more common than others, but it takes an expert diagnosis to pinpoint why your heels hurt.


Perhaps the most common of all potential foot deformities, bunions are progressive issues that Dr. Matt Wettstein treats for many of his patients.

General Foot CareGeneral Foot Care

Dr. Matt Wettstein and the staff of Advanced Foot & Ankle provide a variety of foot care services from their offices in Twin Falls and Burley, Idaho.

Custom OrthoticsCustom Orthotics

Poor foot biomechanics are a contributing factor in a wide variety of common foot and ankle problems, which is why custom orthotics are such a versatile tool. They can provide support for sagging arches, extra cushioning for painful heels, bracing and stability for feet and ankles that pronate (roll) too far with each step, or even accommodate discrepancies in the lengths of your legs.

Sports InjuriesSports Injuries

Sports injuries can sideline you at a moment's notice. Learn more about the various types of sports injuries you can experience, as well as our most effective treatment methods.

Diabetic Foot CareDiabetic Foot Care

Dr. Matt Wettstein and the staff of Advanced Foot and Ankle discuss the importance of proper diabetic foot care for the millions who live with diabetes.