Custom orthotics are, without a doubt, one of the most useful, versatile, and effective treatments we can offer to our patients for a wide variety of foot and ankle problems.

The reason? So many of the conditions we treat are, to at least some degree, the result of feet that are unable to fully shoulder the weight and pressure of common daily activities—often due to structural abnormalities.

A set of custom orthotics, specifically designed to give your feet the exact right amount of cushioning and support in the exact spots they need, is often the best way to answer that problem. The fact that they provide long-term, non-invasive relief is a definite plus, too!

That being said, we understand that custom orthotics can be a little pricier than store-bought insoles, and we want to make sure all our patients are able to get the care they need affordably. That’s why we offer several discounts and programs to help our patients and their families.

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Custom Orthotics Pricing and Options

So let’s talk a little bit about the out-of-pocket costs for your orthotics, and what your options are if you do have to go that route.

●      One pair. If you choose to only get one pair of orthotics, the out-of-pocket cost to you will be $450. Remember that, unlike cheap drugstore insoles that may only last a few months, your custom orthotics are designed to last much longer—several years in many cases.

●      Two pairs. If you decide to get two pairs instead of one, the second will only cost another $300. We strongly recommend getting a second pair. Not only is it more convenient with less need to switch between shoes, but your orthotics can last twice as long (since you’ll only be wearing each individual pair about half the time). And that means more overall value to you for the cost.

In addition, when you choose to get at least one set of custom orthotics from our office, you can also choose one of the following extras—just as a thank you from us:

●      Instant $25 savings. If you’d like to save a little on the upfront costs, we’re happy take $25 off the purchase price for you.

●      FREE set of Powerstep Orthotic Sandals. Many of our patients love their flip-flop style sandals, but end up hurting their feet due to the lack of support and cushioning. We can help you with that by providing an appropriate pair of orthotic sandals so you can rock your open-toed shoes while still getting the comfort and support your feet need.

●      Have us “hold your molds” for 5 years. Although custom orthotics are built to last, they will eventually break down and need replacement. If the lab still has the original molds, we can order you a new set right away, with no need to bring you back in for another fitting or ship the new mold to the lab. In other words, you get your replacement orthotics much sooner, with much less hassle. If you choose this option, we’ll pay your fee to the lab for this service.

An Investment in Your Health that Really Pays Off

One of the many great things about custom orthotics is that they don’t just help you overcome whatever symptoms you’re currently experiencing. Wearing them regularly also helps you prevent pain and injuries over the long term and helps you live a healthier and more active lifestyle!

We know that a few hundred dollars is a lot of money for many of our patients. But the truth is that the few hundred dollars you might spend on orthotics today can save you thousands in the long run.

A good pair of orthotics can mean less time and money spent at doctors’ offices dealing with preventable pain. It can mean less time missed at work due to pain and illness. And because you won’t be limited by your foot pain anymore, you may find that your orthotics help you stay more physically active—which can dramatically lower your long-term risk of chronic disease.

The truth of the matter is that, in fact, custom orthotics are an absolute bargain, and one of the very best decisions you can make if you’re struggling with chronic foot problems. That’s why we work so hard to make them as available, convenient, and affordable as possible for our patients.

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