Creating Your Diabetic Foot Care Plan

We are only a few days away from Thanksgiving, which means we are only a few days plus one away from Black Friday. This crazy shopping day has become a bit tamer since its companion Cyber Monday was created, but there are still plenty of customers who line up early for incredible deals. Those who head out with the crowds in search of discounted products should plan ahead for optimal savings!

Planning ahead is also an essential part of diabetic foot care. Diabetes has wide-ranging effects on the human body, including in the feet. In order to help prevent minor issues from becoming serious medical complications, it is best to have a foot care plan in place.

One of the main pillars of an effective plan is a daily foot inspection. Over half of all individuals living with diabetes have neuropathy, which are damaged peripheral nerves. These nerves are responsible for sending signals to the brain when damage happens in the body. With an impaired ability to recognize injury, conditions that start out as minor, easily treatable issues can escalate into critical medical situations. A daily foot inspection helps you to find problems before that happens.

Inspection is certainly important, but even better is to protect your feet and prevent issues from arising in the first place. For this reason, a diabetic foot care plan has to include the use of diabetic footwear to keep the feet and toes safe. Our office can help you learn how to find socks and shoes that work best for you.

Part of foot protection includes protecting your lower extremities from microbiological organisms. One of the ways to do so is to make sure that the appropriate hygienic practices are included in your foot care plan. This means washing feet daily with warm (not hot!) water and mild soap. Toenails should be kept at a reasonable length to reduce the risk of becoming ingrown. (If you would like assistance with that, we are happy to help.)

Whether you need help constructing a plan to care for diabetic feet or first-class treatment for any issues that arise, Advanced Foot and Ankle is here for you. Contact our Twin Falls, ID office by calling (208) 731-6321 or our Burley office by calling (208) 312-4646. If you’d prefer, you can simply schedule an appointment at either of our locations online today.

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