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Your foot and ankle health isn't just something that needs occasional maintenance. It's influenced daily by the shoes you wear, the activities you perform, and even the food you eat! Our blog offers a wealth of information ranging from specific care to tips for daily life.
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  • Foods to Avoid When Caring for Diabetic Feet When following guidelines for diabetic foot care, your diet can be especially helpful or harmful. But is “avoid” too strong a word? Dr. Matt Wettstein in Burley and Twin Falls discusses a healthy mindset.
  • Can Your Shoes Change Your Feet? The shoes can make the person, but can they actually have effects on the shape or function of your feet? Dr. Matt Wettstein of Advanced Foot & Ankle weighs in.
  • How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Hiking Boots There’s no place in the world like Southern Idaho to go for a great hike! Just remember that the right footwear can be the difference between an awesome excursion or a day filled with foot pain.
  • Preventing and Caring for Dry Feet Dry feet can be more than an eyesore—severe cases could even lead to pain, bleeding, or infections! Learn how to protect your feet and soothe dry, cracked skin when it occurs.
  • Can You Prevent the Onset of Arthritis? Arthritis may not be fully preventable, but healthy living can delay or prevent onset as well as limit the severity of symptoms.
  • Tips for Managing Foot & Ankle Arthritis Don’t let arthritis in the feet or ankles slow you down! Check out these management tips from Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls.