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Broken bones are so common most people will experience at least one at some point or another in their life, especially those who participate in sports. Despite being commonplace, being able to recognize fracture warning signs so you can receive the treatment you need is still important! You should always have fractxray of a foot fracture | Expert Idaho Podiatristures examined by a medical professional to determine the extent of the damage and ensure proper healing.

Signs of a Foot Fracture

The signs you have sustained a fracture vary. In the most severe instance, you might see the actual broken bone if you have suffered an open, compound fracture. This kind of injury will be caused by a tremendous amount of force, which is a warning sign and of itself for a potential fracture (even if the bone has not pierced the skin).

If you sustain an open fracture, do not attempt to move the bone back into place on your own. Instead, seek immediate, emergency medical care.

Fortunately, most broken bones are not open. This means you will need to rely on signs other than visual cues to know a fracture has happened.

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