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We get the temptation. You have stubbed your toe something fierce, but don’t want it to interfere with your running. Is it safe to run with a broken toe, or a toe that has been injured in some other way?

Symptoms of a Broken Toe

If you suspect your toe may be broken, you will not want to perform any exercise that involves moving it until you have the opportunity to get it seen by a professional. Fractured bones in a toe, as with anywhere else in the body, can further shift and cause damage if they are moved or have additional forces placed on them.

This does not necessarily mean you must be laid up for the entirety of recovery, however. You can still initially perform some activities that do not place stress on your toe, and we will help you determine what kinds of exercises will be the best for you to perform as your toe heals. As your toe grows stronger, you may begin to gradually ease back into running—and it will also be important to perform stretches and specific exercises to further strengthen and stabilize your toe.

Get Treatment for a Broken Toe

If you feel your toe is broken, you have no benefit in waiting. Give Advanced Foot and Ankle a Call at (208) 731-6321. Our office in Twin Falls will help you get back to action as quickly and safely as possible.