Matt Wettstein, DPM
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Experienced podiatrist specializing in all foot care including wound care and sports medicine in Twin Falls.

Custom orthotics are very helpful for various different foot conditions. Sometimes there without consequences. A lot of people have flat feet, and they may not necessarily have pain – at least not now. But overtime, if the foot is not functioning correctly, there could be increase stress. If it’s a rigid foot that doesn’t absorb shock, that could be a problem too down the road. With whatever foot deformity you have, that can be evaluated and there are treatments for flat feet and for high-arched feet. A lot of times we make a very custom device to manipulate your foot to function properly and reduce those stresses. Also, a lot of other structures that are indirectly connected to the foot such as the knees, the hip and the back – when the foot is not functioning correctly, there is often stress on the other joints. It’s said, “When your foot hurts, you hurt allover.” So if we can manipulate the function of the foot and make it work properly, we can not only fix foot problems, but it’s very common that people say they feel better in their knees and their back and they just feel better allover because of the custom orthotics. If you have any questions about any kind of deformity in your foot. Give us a call and we’ll evaluate you and provide a comprehensive treatment.