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Your foot and ankle health isn't just something that needs occasional maintenance. It's influenced daily by the shoes you wear, the activities you perform, and even the food you eat! Our blog offers a wealth of information ranging from specific care to tips for daily life.
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  • Affordable Custom Orthotics: A Great Investment for Your Long-Term Health The right set of custom orthotics can not only significantly reduce your foot pain now, but long into the future—saving you time and money in the process. Learn more about our affordable custom orthotics.
  • How Orthotics Can Help You Shape Up The structure of things can have a big influence on function—our feet included! Dr. Matt Wettstein discusses how custom orthotics can have multiple positive effects on your life.
  • Over the Counter Orthotics Work …Right? Can orthotic inserts purchased over the counter have the same effects as those made specifically for your feet? Dr. Matt Wettstein tries this question on for size.
  • 5 Reasons You Could Want Foot Orthotics Custom orthotics can be a great help for your feet, but they tend to have an old stigma attached to them. Dr. Wettstein busts through perceptions and explains why many people will be thankful to get them.
  • Replacing Orthotics Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls, ID offers advice on when you might need to replace—or at least adjust—your custom orthotics.