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A badly stubbed or otherwise traumatized toe can be a real showstopper. You wanted to get out and enjoy the benefits of exercise, but an unfortunate collision with the coffee table tripped you up in your very own living room.

For some of the more determined among us, there is likely the temptation of pushing through the pain of a hurting toe. Is it wise to do so, though? 

That’s the question that must be asked for any kind of trauma or sports injury. The answer largely depends on the situation, and we’re always here to provide expert advice.

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Is Your Toe Broken?

Just because your toe is in a lot of pain from a bad whack does not necessarily mean you have a toe fracture. In some cases, what may feel like a broken toe turns out to be a sprain instead, and it will tend to improve within a few days.

On the other hand, a stubbed toe can also be a more complicated injury than it first appears.

It is wise to be cautious and mindful of your toe’s condition immediately following any painful trauma. (Of course, the pain will likely keep you from thinking about much else for a while.)

Postpone your immediate exercise plans for the time being and keep an eye on your toe. Here are some signs that your toe might not just be badly stubbed, but broken as well.

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