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If you experience pain in the bottom of your foot, the chances are likely that you are reminded of it much more often than you’d like to be! 

Whether the pain starts as soon as your heels hit the floor out of bed or tends to bother you more during or after activity, the symptoms can be a constant obstacle to your willingness to get things done.

The good news is that the vast majority of conditions that cause pain along the bottom of your foot can be treated effectively with conservative methods. The key is determining what exactly is causing the trouble.

There are several potential causes of bottom-of-foot pain – and we’ll be discussing a few here – but one thing will always ring true: any persistent foot pain that doesn’t clear up after a day or two is worth coming to see us about!

Foot pain is never something you should feel you must grit your teeth and accept. Not only will trying to ignore your symptoms make you feel miserable, but it also risks the problem becoming more severe and chronic in the future.

And you deserve better than that.

Person holding their foot in pain | Twin Falls Experienced Heel Pain Podiatrist

Where on the Bottom of the Foot is Your Pain?

Location matters, and the bottom of your foot is a relatively wide area – at least anatomically speaking. 

Different areas along the bottom of the foot contain different bones, muscles, and soft tissues. By narrowing down which of these elements may be injured or strained, we can recommend more direct approaches to finding relief. 

We can divide bottom-of-the-foot pain into three general areas.

Pain in the Heel Area

Heel pain is one of the most common symptoms podiatrists see. If your heels are suffering, you are far from alone – and we have a ton of experience in helping patients just like you!

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