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podiatrist treating foot pain with laser therapy | Experienced Twin Falls PodiatristSwollen and painful feet can affect every part of your life and prevent you from participating in the activities you love. If an injury or chronic condition prevents you from walking without pain, Multi-wave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy could be the solution you've been looking for.

What Conditions Does MLS Laser Therapy Treat?

Since laser therapy works by stimulating your body's natural healing response, it's effective on many injuries and disorders. We have successfully used MLS therapy for a variety of conditions, including acute conditions and long-term chronic pain.

Laser therapy can be used to improve healing in patients who have:

  • Arthritis. MLS therapy is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effect. It stimulates damaged tissue on a cellular level, accelerating cell production to promote faster recovery. Patients with arthritis or tendonitis who undergo laser treatment usually see reduced swelling and improved range of motion.
  • Soft tissue injuries. Reducing inflammation allows blood to flow more freely to the injury site, allowing strains, sprains, plantar fasciitis, and other soft tissue injuries to heal more quickly.
  • Repetitive stress injuries. Laser therapy is invaluable for athletes. It reduces recovery times after strain injuries or sudden trauma and promotes healthy tissue growth to prevent deformities during healing.
  • Diabetes. Patients with diabetes may suffer from poor blood circulation in their feet,  making superficial wounds or foot ulcers potentially life-threatening. MLS laser therapy floods the feet with the oxygen and nutrients necessary for tissue repair, encouraging reactions in unresponsive cells. Laser therapy has also been shown to help patients with neuropathy by easing nerve pain symptoms and promoting nerve regeneration.
  • Undergone surgery. When foot or ankle surgery is necessary, MLS laser therapy sessions can be highly effective in reducing post-surgical recovery times. In addition to promoting cellular healing, laser therapy stimulates collagen production to reduce the formation of scar tissue.

What Are the Advantages of MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser Therapy involves two lasers, each one tuned to a specific wavelength of light. One laser is set to reduce swelling at the injury site, while the other focuses on pain relief, offering a combination treatment that gets you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Patients often choose MLS laser therapy because it's:

  • Painless. The MLS laser does not cause any pain during or after treatment. Most patients see improvement after the first session and feel even better with each progressive appointment.
  • Fast. Laser therapy sessions typically last between 10-15 minutes. Acute injuries may resolve after four or five sessions, while chronic conditions may require ten or more sessions.
  • Long-lasting. Treatments such as cortisone injections or medications mask pain in the short term but don't treat the underlying cause. MLS laser therapy provides rapid pain relief and aids in the healing process, helping you to feel better while your condition improves.
  • Site-based. Unlike medications that circulate throughout your body, MLS laser therapy delivers a localized pulse of energy directly to the injury site. This allows your condition to heal naturally without the risk of systemic complications or drug interactions.
  • Noninvasive. Laser therapy sessions don't require incisions, injections, or physical manipulation of a painful injury. In some cases, MLS laser therapy's ability to encourage healing in damaged tissues could allow a patient to avoid surgery.
  • Customizable. The length and number of treatment sessions can be adapted to suit each individual patient and their ailment, allowing you to tailor your treatment program for the best possible results.
  • Safe. MLS laser therapy is FDA-approved, supported by independent studies, and has no reported side effects.