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“Going natural” is a big trend these days.

You see it at the supermarket, with products being advertised as organic, free of GMOs, free of preservatives, etc.

You see it in the health and beauty industry, where more and more people gravitate toward products with more natural ingredients and fewer artificial chemicals.

Walking in Idaho | Expert Twin Falls, Idaho Podiatrist

You also see it in blogs and TV shows promoting “natural” remedies and cures that are supposed to be “healthier” alternatives to medications.

Of course, this is not all good news. You can’t always assume that “natural” is better than “artificial,” and the trend toward going natural has lead some people to reject scientific consensus and make dangerous decisions—for example, refusing to vaccinate their children.

However, overall the impulse to live more naturally is a good one, and one that can bring many health benefits! In fact, there’s even an emerging branch of medicine—called regenerative medicine—that focuses on treatments that use your own natural healing abilities (rather than chemicals, medicines, or surgery) to repair injuries and relieve pain.

In fact, we have a good example of this kind of technology at our office: MLS laser therapy. This treatment option is highly effective for virtually all forms of musculoskeletal pain (including heel pain, sports injuries, tendinitis, etc.) and requires no drugs whatsoever—not even anesthesia.

MLS Laser for Foot Pain

Is the MLS Laser natural? Yes!

Well, no, not the laser itself. But in terms of how it affects your body? Absolutely.

Let’s consider a relevant analogy—going outside and getting some sun. What could be more natural than that?

Although too much sun exposure (particularly to those pesky UV rays) is a bad thing, moderate amounts of sunlight can have powerful health benefits:

  • Your brain triggers the release of more serotonin, which lifts your mood and helps you feel calm and focused.
  • Your skin produces more vitamin D, which helps promote strong bones, healthy immune function (so you don’t get sick as often), and more.

Just like sunlight, lasers are a form of light-based energy. And just like sunlight, a laser beam can naturally trigger certain reactions and biological processes within your body.

Through decades of research, we’ve been able to identify specific laser patterns (wavelength, power, constant vs. pulsed, etc.) that can trigger hugely beneficial natural healing processes while—unlike sunlight—remaining 100% safe to use.

The Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

We won’t get too deep into the technical specifics of the MLS platform here—if you’re interested, you can read our service page about the technology. Suffice it to say, it represents the state of the art in laser technology, and combines all of the benefits of older devices with none of the drawbacks.

In short, MLS uses twin synchronized lasers to achieve a significant therapeutic effect. One laser primarily manages pain, so you feel better quickly. The other primarily deals with tissue regeneration, so you get better quickly. When working together, they can achieve much more than either laser could alone.

The laser energy can reach tissues as deep as 4-5 cm (up to 2 inches) beneath the skin, where it immediately boosts cellular metabolism and stimulates your body’s own natural processes for creating blood vessels, repairing damaged tissues, fighting infection and inflammation, and more.

On its own, MLS laser therapy can provide a highly effective (and 100% clean and natural) alternative to surgery or medical procedures (such as steroid injections). And when combined with other remedies (such as stretching, physical therapy, orthotics, or even surgery) it can significantly shorten the overall recovery and rehabilitation period, allowing you to return to full activity faster.

Better yet, MLS laser therapy causes no pain, has no known side effects or complication risks, and requires no down time. There are no incisions to make or chemicals to put in your body. It’s as natural a treatment as they come!

Healthy Living Is Still the Best Natural “Cure”

MLS therapy is perfect for painful soft tissue injuries like heel pain, when they do flare up. But of course, the best and most “natural” long-term strategy to maintain your health is simply to eat and live right.

Woman doing yoga in Idaho | Expert Twin Falls, Idaho Podiatrist

We’re not going to go too in-depth about specific products or treatments here. We’re also not going to tell you anything you haven’t already heard a million times. Simply put: it comes down to eating right and exercising.

Your diet is how you replenish your body’s energy reserves and power your essential cellular processes. Eating right will give you more energy, help you repair injuries and expel infections faster, and reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.

Likewise, exercise is important for more reasons than just weight loss. As with diet, healthy exercise boosts immunity, increases energy levels over time, lowers disease risk, and even can improve mood and promote brain health.

In short, you’ll be healthier, you’ll think and feel better, and hopefully you won’t have to go to the doctor as often!

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