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Dedication and drive are an important part of any training regimen. Hard-work and commitment are integral to your success as an athlete in any field, whether that’s swimming, a contact sport, or gymnastics. Running is no exception and we know so many runners who are extremely passionate about their running regimen.

However, staying in shape doesn’t need to be a painful thing! Learn how to prevent common running and sports injuries.

We get that many of our readers enjoy the struggle and toil of those long, early morning runs and cold treks through the snow, but we always encourage runners to have some fun while they’re out there. With that in mind, we have a list of a few runs in our area for you to prepare for. Planning out your training plan is always a productive part of exercising, but it also gives you something fun to look forward to.

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Local Runs—For Training or Racing!

Runners obviously train in a variety of ways. Sure, the basic premise of running—put one foot in front of the other, repeat—is bound to be the same, but people mix it up in different ways. One that is particularly popular is using races (of various distances). This can be done either as part of the actually training regimen or as a goal for the training itself.

No matter how you might like to use them, here are three upcoming runs in our community that you might enjoy participating in:

#1 The Outlaw Trail Run

This run is particularly near and dear to our hearts. It’s one of our personal favorites, as our own Dr. Wettstein always tries to run it (whenever he’s able to do so). On top of that, the run also supports a great cause, with fifteen percent of proceeds going to support the Xavier Middle and High School cross-country teams.

Please note that the Outlaw Trail Run is an ultra half-marathon. So what does that mean? Well, anything longer than 13.1 miles qualifies as an “ultra half.” This particular ultra half-marathon will be about 14.5 miles and take you through some great countryside here in Twin Falls. (Essentially, The Outlaw is just about 1.5 miles longer than a normal half-marathon.)

The Outlaw Trail Run will be held August 10th, but it’s important to know that this race is capped. Only the first 400 entrants are able to compete, so make sure you register early!

(Register by July 27th to receive a free shirt promoting the event and we hope to see you there!) 

Overflow parking will be just south of the Diamondfield Jack Camp Ground near Twin Fall. Head to the Outlaw Trail Run site for more detailed directions.

#2 Dusk to Dawn

Are you looking for a different running atmosphere? Consider the Dusk to Dawn on June 28th-29th!

This race is unique because it occurs almost entirely at night, in a deep canyon just east of Twin Falls (around beautiful Dierkes Lake). Don’t be concerned about safety while running at night—you’ll have a headlamp and there will be regular check points.

Costumes are also encouraged! (Just make sure that they’re appropriate.)

With sprint, ultra 10k and ultra half-marathon options, this race is open to runners of all levels—beginners to seasoned running veterans.

#3 Spudman Triathlon

Ok, so this is cheating a little bit. A triathlon isn’t wholly a run, but it does include running, so we’re going to count it.

The Burley Lions Club will be putting on this event—on July 27th—that features both sprint and Olympic options. And for the benefit of those of you who aren’t well-versed in triathlon distances, here’s how that breaks down:

You’ll still have the option of the original 1.5K swim in the Snake river, 40k bike ride, and 10k run in Burley. (That’s a standard Olympic triathlon.)

However, this year participants will also have the option of entering into the Spudman Sprint. This will provide the same order and events, just in slightly different distances. Participants will swim 750 meters, bike 20 KM, and run 5K.

As with the Outlaw Trail Run, the Spudman Sprint is capped. This one is a bit more exclusive, though, as it will only be open to the first 250 participants. So be sure to register early if you’re interested!

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Race Running Tips

These are some great and exciting races in southern Idaho, but we would like to encourage you to go away from this post with a couple of quick running tips to keep you safe. Lower your risk of foot and ankle injuries by:

  • Gradually increasing your distance when training to prevent overuse injuries. We would recommend no more than 10% increase in distance or speed. Of course, this is basically a rule of thumb, but we’d still advise that you try not to exceed it.
  • Taking breaks if you suffer from heel pain or soft tissue injuries. A few days of rest or cross-training will help keep your heel pain from becoming worse.
  • Investing in a good pair of running shoes. Pay attention to your specific foot structure and arches for best results.
  • Coming in to see us! As runners ourselves, we know that plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains are par for the course when you’re preparing for a challenging race.

Professional Treatment for Any Foot or Ankle Running Injury!

Let’s be honest; these are not easy races. Normal wear and tear is bound to happen, even if you have the best training plan. Contact us today if you run into any issues while training. We might recommend our groundbreaking MLS laser, custom orthotics, or any number of treatment options. Call us at 208-731-6321 for more details.

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