Treatment for Foot and Ankle Conditions

When it comes to pain, injury, or other conditions surrounding foot and ankle health, the right treatment matters. This doesn't just concern making the right diagnosis, but also providing the best treatment options for a patient's individual needs and lifestyle. Read more about foot and ankle problems and the treatments provided at Advanced Foot & Ankle. 
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  • Turf Toe Injuries and Recoveries An experienced podiatrist can diagnose and treat turf toe in athletes and others. Learn about turf toe symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options here.
  • Symptoms and Treatment of Sesamoid Injuries Our Idaho podiatry team explores symptoms and common causes of sesamoid injuries and the different treatments to alleviate this sports injury.
  • Achilles Tendinitis Advanced Foot and Ankle discusses Achilles tendinitis, including causes, risk factors, treatment, and prevention of this common overuse injury.
  • Shin Splints Dr. Matt Wettstein and his staff at Advanced Foot and Ankle help you understand causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment for shin splints.
  • Foot and Ankle Fractures Fractures are common injuries in the lower body. One of the reasons foot and ankle fractures happen so often is the number of bones down there.
  • What to Look for Athletic Shoes There is a heightened risk for injury during athletic participation. Wearing the correct shoes—both type and fit—help you stay safe. Dr. Wettstein discusses.
  • Athlete's Foot Contrary to the name, athlete's foot does not only happen to athletes. Instead, it is a rather common fungal infection anyone can potentially develop.
  • Ankle Sprains: The Everyday Injury Some foot and ankle issues are more common than others. Such is the case with ankle sprains, say the foot doctors at Advanced Foot and Ankle.