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Laser therapy sounds like a big deal. That’s true in at least one important sense—it could be the treatment that finally gets rid of your chronic foot pain for good. We’d say that’s a pretty big deal! In terms of what you have to go through in your treatment, however, laser therapy is remarkably quick, easy, and uncomplicated. In other words, no big deal at all!Laser therapy procedure on a foot | Expert Idaho Podiatrist

Thinking of trying something new to relieve your plantar fasciitis, arthritis pain, sports injury, or other nagging foot problem? Here are some key things to know about this state-of-the-art treatment option:

Foot Pain Laser FAQ's

  • Laser therapy is FDA approved and completely safe. The technology has been developed over decades and rigorously tested to ensure its safety.
  • Because it uses light energy to stimulate the body’s own cells and accelerate key biological processes, it is remarkably effective for a broad variety of conditions. This includes inflammatory diseases, injuries to muscles and connective tissue, nerve pain, degenerative conditions, and more.
  • Treatment sessions are very brief, typically less than half an hour. Depending on the size of the area treated, this might take only around 5-10 minutes.
  • No medications, anesthesia, or chemicals of any kind are required before, during, or after treatment.
  • The treatment is completely non-invasive. It is not surgery and will not cut, burn, or damage the skin in any way.
  • The only known “side effect” is a slight warming sensation that may be experienced by some patients. You should not experience any pain, and there are no known complications.

What to Expect During Laser Treatments

  • You can go straight back home, to work, or wherever after your appointment. No downtime required.
  • Although you will likely feel some relief after one session, most conditions will require more than one appointment. On average, one treatment course includes 6-10 sessions spread out over a few weeks or months, although this can vary.
  • The effects of the therapy are cumulative and lasting. Each treatment builds upon the healing that has already taken place in order to regenerative tissue quickly and fully.

We highly recommend laser therapy as a treatment alternative to patients who have not found success with other conservative remedies. It has proven effective time and time again, and can help you get back to full strength much faster and more safely than surgery. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (208) 731-6321.

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