Treatment for Foot and Ankle Conditions

When it comes to pain, injury, or other conditions surrounding foot and ankle health, the right treatment matters. This doesn't just concern making the right diagnosis, but also providing the best treatment options for a patient's individual needs and lifestyle. Read more about foot and ankle problems and the treatments provided at Advanced Foot & Ankle. 
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  • Understanding Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatments for Foot Conditions Our podiatry team explains how platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy can ease pain and speed recovery times in foot injury patients.
  • Lapiplasty┬« Bunion Surgery Could Change Your Life If you need bunion surgery, our podiatry team performs Lapiplasty┬« 3D Bunion Correction to permanently stabilize the big toe joint with minimal recovery time.
  • Achilles Tendinitis Advanced Foot and Ankle discusses Achilles tendinitis, including causes, risk factors, treatment, and prevention of this common overuse injury.
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