Matt Wettstein, DPM
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Experienced podiatrist specializing in all foot care including wound care and sports medicine in Twin Falls.

If you live in the Gooding area and require compassionate, professional care for a foot or ankle problem, Dr. Matt Wettstein and Advanced Foot & Ankle are here to serve you and your family’s needs.

Advanced Foot and Ankle has been a fixture in the greater Twin Falls area for years, providing top treatment for a wide variety of podiatric conditions. Our service areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Sports Injury Treatment. As a runner himself, Dr. Wettstein understands the desire to remain committed to training and staying active. We emphasize fast, safe recovery and measures to help prevent future injuries from happening.
  • Diabetic Foot Care. Proper care for the feet is crucial when someone lives with diabetes. Our focus is on preventative management, but we will also provide care for needs that arise.
  • Heel Pain Treatment. Painful heels are a common problem that come from a variety of causes. We can get to the root of your pain and provide the best means of treating it.
  • Bunion Treatment and Management. No matter how long you have had a bunion, something can be done to increase your comfort and potentially lessen its progression. A variety of conservative options exist, as well as surgery if needed.
  • Nail and Skin Care. Ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot, fungal nails, and plantar warts are all conditions we see and treat regularly.

While these are large areas of focus at our practice, they are not the only matters we attend to. If you are curious as to whether we treat a specific foot or ankle condition, do not hesitate to call us and ask. Odds are we do!

The Right Treatments, from Conservative to Advanced

Why do patients come to us from Gooding and other areas? Because we have an approach to foot and ankle care that prioritizes the patient and provides the best recommendations for an individual’s needs.

If a condition is best treated with traditional methods (such as rest or icing), that is what we will recommend. But if the problem necessitates it, we have more advanced methods at hand.

Our multiwave locked system (MLS) laser therapy is a high-tech method of pain relief we are proud to offer patients. For many causes of pain, especially those due to soft tissue injury, MLS laser has been effective at providing relief from pain and inflammation, as well as an increased rate of recovery.

For cases where an abnormal foot structure or uneven distribution of weight is causing pain, custom orthotics may provide the cushioning and correction you need. Each pair of orthotics is prescribed exactly to the foot shape and needs of each patient, and periodic maintenance and refurbishing can ensure they remain effective for a very long time.

Great Podiatry for Gooding and Beyond

Advanced Foot & Ankle in Twin Falls is always happy to receive new patients from Gooding and all surrounding areas. We would love to help you and your family find the relief you deserve from painful and pesky problems. Patients of all ages—from active athletes to students to office workers and retirees—are all welcome!

If you have questions about matters of the foot or ankle, or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (208) 731-6321. You may also fill out our online contact form and a member of our staff will reach out to you.

Are You Looking for Expert Foot Care in Twin Falls, ID?

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