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Your foot and ankle health isn't just something that needs occasional maintenance. It's influenced daily by the shoes you wear, the activities you perform, and even the food you eat! Our blog offers a wealth of information ranging from specific care to tips for daily life.
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  • Stubbed Toes and Exercise – A Few Tips Getting moving is great! Until you move your toe into something hard and immovable. Dr. Matt Wettstein at Advanced Foot and Ankle has advice on stubbed toes.
  • Best Ways to Avoid Slipping An unexpected slip on ice or other slippery surface can not only be a source of embarrassment, but of painful injury as well. Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls has advice on avoiding slipping.
  • Foods to Avoid When Caring for Diabetic Feet When following guidelines for diabetic foot care, your diet can be especially helpful or harmful. But is “avoid” too strong a word? Dr. Matt Wettstein in Burley and Twin Falls discusses a healthy mindset.
  • Hunting Safety for Your Feet Southern Idaho has some great hunting opportunities. The best hunting season, however, is a safe one. Dr. Matt Wettstein at Advanced Foot & Ankle provides some tips on keeping your feet safe.
  • Can Your Shoes Change Your Feet? The shoes can make the person, but can they actually have effects on the shape or function of your feet? Dr. Matt Wettstein of Advanced Foot & Ankle weighs in.
  • Put an End to Morning Heel Pain If heel pain is the bane of your mornings, it’s time to take action and reclaim your comfort. Twin Falls podiatrist Matt Wettstein has tips on treatments and lifestyle changes to get rid of pain.
  • 5 Reasons You Could Want Foot Orthotics Custom orthotics can be a great help for your feet, but they tend to have an old stigma attached to them. Dr. Wettstein busts through perceptions and explains why many people will be thankful to get them.
  • How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Hiking Boots There’s no place in the world like Southern Idaho to go for a great hike! Just remember that the right footwear can be the difference between an awesome excursion or a day filled with foot pain.
  • Go Natural: Use Your Body’s Own Healing Abilities New treatment technologies like MLS laser therapy naturally stimulate your body’s own regeneration and repair mechanisms and trigger healing without medications or surgery. We have it in our office, too!
  • How to Get Back in the Game Don’t let one of these common sports injuries keep you out of the game! Keep yourself in good shape to prevent injury and take proper steps to rehabilitate physically and mentally so you can return just as strong! Dr. Wettstein explains.