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Your foot and ankle health isn't just something that needs occasional maintenance. It's influenced daily by the shoes you wear, the activities you perform, and even the food you eat! Our blog offers a wealth of information ranging from specific care to tips for daily life.
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  • Arch Type Dr. Matt Wettstein of Twin Falls, ID explains how different arch types can affect the way you stand, walk, and function.
  • Why See a Podiatrist? Your feet are your foundation, so when they hurt your whole body hurts! A podiatrist like Dr. Matt Wettstein can help.
  • Replacing Orthotics Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls, ID offers advice on when you might need to replace—or at least adjust—your custom orthotics.
  • Custom Orthotics in Twin Falls Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls, ID explores the benefits of custom orthotics and helps show when they might be needed for pain.
  • Why Corns and Calluses Can be a Problem Corns and calluses might not seem to be a big deal in comparison to other health issues you could have, but they should not be ignored.
  • Treating and Preventing Corns and Calluses Corns and calluses might seem trivial compared to some foot issues, but they can create trouble. Fortunately, they can be treated and prevented.
  • The Importance of Treating an Ankle Sprain Dr. Matt Wettstein helps you understand why proper diagnosis and effective treatment are essential for an ankle sprain that may seem like a minor issue.
  • The Importance of Daily Foot Inspections Learn how daily foot inspections help keep diabetic individuals safe from potentially serious issues. Idaho podiatrist Dr. Matt Wettstein explains.
  • Plantar Wart Treatments for Children Plantar wart treatment for kids can be quite helpful if your child is going to spend a lot of time on his or her feet!
  • Identifying Toe Deformities The underlying causes of toe deformities are muscle imbalances. Despite this common root cause, there are differences between the types.