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Your foot and ankle health isn't just something that needs occasional maintenance. It's influenced daily by the shoes you wear, the activities you perform, and even the food you eat! Our blog offers a wealth of information ranging from specific care to tips for daily life.
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  • What to Do If You Sprain an Ankle Do you know what to do if you sprain an ankle? Dr. Matt Wettstein discusses ankle sprain treatment and care so your injury will heal correctly.
  • How to Treat Flat Feet Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls, ID explains how to treat flat feet, from conservative methods to surgery.
  • Arch Pain and Problems Arches are our friends, not our enemies! They aren’t hurting you on purpose, so when they ache, get them the help they need.
  • Arch Type Dr. Matt Wettstein of Twin Falls, ID explains how different arch types can affect the way you stand, walk, and function.
  • Why See a Podiatrist? Your feet are your foundation, so when they hurt your whole body hurts! A podiatrist like Dr. Matt Wettstein can help.
  • Replacing Orthotics Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls, ID offers advice on when you might need to replace—or at least adjust—your custom orthotics.
  • Custom Orthotics in Twin Falls Dr. Matt Wettstein in Twin Falls, ID explores the benefits of custom orthotics and helps show when they might be needed for pain.
  • Why Corns and Calluses Can be a Problem Corns and calluses might not seem to be a big deal in comparison to other health issues you could have, but they should not be ignored.
  • Options for Flatfoot Correction Surgery Some cases of flat feet do not require any treatment and others benefit from conservative care, but sometimes Dr. Wettstein needs to perform surgery.
  • Understanding Heel Pain Where does it hurt? That is one clue Dr. Matt Wettstein at Advanced Foot and Ankle in Twin Falls, ID will use to determine the cause of your heel pain.