8 Tips for Winter Running

Runners tend to be quite dedicated when it comes to their favorite exercise. They hit the trails, sidewalks, and tracks during both the best and worst of days. As we gear up for winter, it’s the time to think about handling your training during the colder months. Accordingly, we have several tips for winter running to help you stay safe!

  1. stretches for winter runningChoose proper footwear. Now, this is incredibly important regardless of time of year, but you especially want to make sure you have well-constructed, durable running shoes that feature exceptional grip during the winter months. This is not the time for minimalist footwear!
  2. Wear moisture-wicking socks. Shoe choices are important, but so too are the socks you wear. You need to choose socks that will wick the moisture (from sweat) away, while still keeping your feet warm.
  3. Warm up and stretch. Much like footwear choices, this is essential year-round and it takes heightened importance in the winter. Heading out into the cold without preparing your body first is a recipe for soft tissue injury.
  4. Mind the wind. You want to start out running into the wind. Why? Because then the wind will be at your back during the homestretch when you are most likely the sweatiest. The extra wind chill and sweat on your face is not a good combination!
  5. Shorten your strides. Take shorter strides for better stability. Keeping your feet lower to the ground will reduce your risk of slipping and falling.
  6. Forget speed. Don’t try to set any personal records during the winter months. Instead, use this training as “maintenance” activity.
  7. Stay visible. Make sure you wear bright-colored clothing that keeps you warm, but also enables motorists to see you when you cross streets or in case of an emergency.
  8. Have a buddy, be a buddy. It’s easier to find the motivation to go running in warmer temperatures, so find a running buddy to help keep you motivated and accountable. Of course, you will also be keeping your buddy motivated as well!

We hope you stay safe while running during the winter (and all year!), but it’s worth bearing in mind that you can become hurt during any physical activity. If you sustain any foot or ankle injury, come in and see us here at Advanced Foot & Ankle for the treatment you need. Call us today at (208) 731-6321 to reach our Twin Falls, ID office or (208) 312-4646 to reach our Burley office to request your appointment.

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