Best Tips for Preventing Fungal Toenails

It is always preferable to prevent a medical issue from developing than having to treat it, especially when it comes to toenail fungus. Colder weather is on its way, and this means you are less likely to have your feet exposed to the world by sandals or open-toed footwear. Still, the time of year doesn’t matter – it is always better to prevent a case of fungal toenails!

With regard to the best tips for preventing fungal toenails, we promote tactics like:

  • toenail fungus preventionWash your feet on a regular basis. Every day, make sure you are taking time to wash your lower extremities when you shower or bathe. It is also important to dry them completely before putting on your socks and shoes. Take a little extra time to ensure the areas between your toes are dry.
  • Wear moisture-wicking socks. An ongoing theme for toenail fungus prevention is to keep your feet dry. Your lower limbs contain hundreds of thousands of sweat glands to moisturize the skin. Socks that do not wick the moisture away can become damp and create an environment ripe for fungal growth. Moisture-wicking socks can help keep your feet dry and cool.
  • Choose the right footwear. Shoes made from breathable materials will also keep your feet cool and reduce the amount of sweat they produce. When temperatures allow for it, wear open-toed shoes or sandals to air out your toes.
  • Protect your feet. This is especially important when you are walking in a place conducive to fungal growth. Warm, humid environments like gym locker rooms, showering areas, and indoor pool decks are all example. You can lower your risk of fungal toenails by wearing sandals or shower shoes when in these places.

Now, following these tips will help reduce the odds of you developing fungal nails, though we know it can be tricky to completely eliminate all risk. Whereas the infection will not go away on its own, the good news is that this nail condition is treatable. If you find yourself looking down at dark, discolored, and unsightly toenails, come see us here at Advanced Foot and Ankle so we can provide the care you need.

For information on fungal toenail treatment, or any of the services we provide, simply call our Twin Falls office at (208) 731-6321 or our Burley office at (208) 312-4646. You can either schedule an appointment while on the line, or take advantage of our online form to request your appointment right now!

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