Choosing Heel Pain Treatment Options

When you live somewhere that has natural scenic beauty like we have in Twin Falls, ID, it can be easy to take it for granted. If you haven’t spent time on the trails along Snake River Canyon lately, maybe it’s time to think about it. Of course, if you are experiencing heel pain, the thought of enjoying the over 10 miles of developed trails might not sound terribly appealing. In that case, think about coming to Advanced Foot and Ankle for the treatment you need.

As with many other conditions, there are essentially two different categories for heel pain treatment – conservative and surgical. It is always our hope to be able to take away a patient’s pain with the use of nonsurgical means, but sometimes a surgical procedure constitutes the best chance for pain relief and/or improved functionality.

When we discuss conservative care for heel issues, we are typically looking at options used to reduce inflammation or lower the amount of force placed on the heel. For reducing inflammation, we may prescribe medication, which is particularly helpful in the early stages of an injury, or use ice therapy to improve the condition. Custom orthotic devices can be used to redistribute forces on the feet and take some of the pressure off the heel.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of painful heels and some conservative care methods that work well with this injury include stretching and strengthening exercises. Rolling a foot over a tennis ball or a can of soup helps by massaging and stretching an injured plantar fascia.

Depending on the condition, rest and elevation are useful for giving the body a chance to use its natural healing processes while keeping fluids from pooling in the injured area.

If we have exhausted conservative methods, we may elect to use a surgical procedure to improve the condition and reduce any associated heel pain. When this is the course we recommend, we will discuss it together so you fully understand your options and are aware of everything that is entailed, including the recovery period.

Don’t suffer needlessly with any foot and ankle pain! Instead, come see us at Advanced Foot and Ankle and let us provide the care and treatment you need. Schedule your appointment at either of our Idaho offices online, or call (208) 731-6321 for our Twin Falls location or (208) 312-4646 for our Burley office today.

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