Common Sports Injuries in Feet and Ankles

The City of Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Department is proud to report that we have over 7,000 youth and adult participants in recreational sporting programs every year. Additionally, the YMCA/Twin Falls Municipal Pool accommodates 60,000 users yearly. Numbers like these prove that we live in an active community!

Staying active is essential for good physical health. Unfortunately, physical activities also come with the risk of injury, to the point that it is easy to list several common sports injuries. Given the necessity of using your lower limbs for most athletic endeavors, it should come as little surprise that foot and ankle injuries are at the top of the list among amateur and professional athletes alike.

We are talking about conditions like:

  • Achilles tendon injuries – The Achilles tendons are particularly vulnerable body parts because of their use in running and jumping, which take place in most common sports. They can either develop tendonitis or rupture (which is more severe).
  • Stress fractures Unlike other bone fractures, stress fractures happen in response to overuse and typically develop over time. These surface cracks in the bone tissue can be rather painful and are best treated with rest, ice, and other conservative treatments.
  • Ankle sprains – This particular injury is certainly prevalent in athletic activities, but also happens in daily life as well. All it takes is a misplaced step and the ankle can turn or twist farther than it should, thereby tearing the elastic fibers of the ligaments that support the joint.
  • Turf toe – When the big toe is pushed backwards too far, it can lead to a painful sprain in the joint that can take some time to heal.
  • Plantar fasciitis – This is the most common source of heel pain for adults and it stems from the plantar fascia becoming irritated and inflamed due to several potential causes.

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