Neuroma Symptoms to Watch For

There is a growing community of trail-running fans here in the Magic Valley. Running on trails, as opposed to on pavement, can lead to extra calories burned during a run, on account of the body needing to stabilize itself on uneven terrain and more exertion to tackle the up-and-down trails. Of course, you can certainly get in a good workout by running along paved paths as well, and it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.  

Now, whether you head out to the hills or stick to the sidewalks in town, it is important to make sure you are listening to your body and being aware of any issues that arise. One injury runners can experience is nerve pain in the foot, especially in the front. In many cases, the source of the pain is a neuroma caused by the repetitive pressure on the ball of the foot during running.

Neuromas are benign (noncancerous) tumors of nerves. In the case of Morton’s neuroma, it is not a tumor, though, but rather thickened tissue surrounding the nerve leading to the third and fourth toes.

It is important to recognize neuroma symptoms – not only to address the current issues, but also to prevent the condition from becoming a permanent problem. Left untreated, that is what will happen to the neuroma. This means you should come see us here at Advanced Foot & Ankle if you recognize neuroma symptoms like:

  • The feeling as if you have a pebble in your shoe, when there isn’t actually anything under your foot.
  • Burning pain in the front of the foot that can start to radiate into your toes.
  • Tingling sensations.
  • Numbness in your toes.

In addition to running, neuromas can develop in response to pressure, irritation, or injury to any of the nerves leading up to your toes. It is important to note that you will not observe a lump or any other outward sign of the condition.

If you are experiencing nerve pain in your foot, or even if you would just like more information on this subject, contact Advanced Foot and Ankle. Call our Twin Falls office at (208) 731-6321, our Burley office at (208) 312-4646, or request your appointment online for either of our southern Idaho offices.

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