Neuropathy Tips to Keep Your Feet Safe

One of the more concerning issues that we see at Advanced Foot and Ankle is neuropathy. This condition of nerve damage can make you unable to experience physical sensations in your feet. These parts of your body are frequently covered and generally not particularly visible, so if you don’t feel it, a simple scrape or tiny cut can devolve into a serious medical complication. Accordingly, it is important to follow some measures so you can stay safe with neuropathy.

There are various reasons neuropathy can develop, but one of the most common is diabetes. When diabetic neuropathy is part of the picture, it is especially important to remain vigilant over your foot health. Non-healing foot ulcers are a leading cause of lower limb amputation, but there are ways to reduce your risk and stay healthy.

Some of the tips for keeping your feet safe with neuropathy, include:

  • Do not walk barefoot. Always opt to wear shoes or slippers, even at home! If you step on something and sustain a cut or scrape, it could ultimately become dangerously infected.
  • Inspect your feet daily. When you are unable to feel pain from a cut or other injury, you need to use your eyes and hands to check for problems.
  • Avoid hot water. Be sure to clean your feet daily, but use a lukewarm temperature (as you would to bathe a baby) instead of hot water.
  • Be gentle when washing your feet. Keeping your feet clean is important, but use a soft washcloth or soft sponge. If your cloth or sponge is becoming old and crusty, dispose of it to avoid the risk of sustaining even a mild scrape or tiny cut.
  • Be careful with clipping your toenails. Better yet, schedule an appointment with our office for diabetic toenail care. Our professionals can trim your nails correctly and keep you safe!
  • Come in for periodic foot exams. A daily, at-home inspection is certainly important, but so too is coming to see us on a regular basis for professional evaluation.

Neuropathy can lead to numbness, but it causes tingling, burning, and painful sensations in some cases as well. No matter which symptoms are caused by nerve damage in your feet, we can help! Contact Advanced Foot and Ankle for more information by calling (208) 731-6321. You can also request an appointment online today for either our Twin Falls or Burley, ID offices, and we will provide the care and treatment you need.

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