Your Available Options for Flatfoot Correction Surgery

Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle, we try to avoid the use of surgical procedures as much as possible, including flat foot surgery. The good news is that this particular surgery is not needed all that often. When it is, though, you want to be sure that your procedure is done by an experienced foot surgeon in a sterile environment, and with the right equipment—all of which you will find in our Twin Falls, ID office.Man with flat feet

When it comes to flat feet, there are many individuals who do not experience any painful symptoms. In these cases, flat foot treatment is simply unnecessary. If symptoms are present, we find that conservative (nonsurgical) care is often effective at providing ample relief. There are instances, however, where flat foot surgery is necessary to correct the condition, relieve pain, and establish a normal gait.

The goal of a surgical procedure in correcting a flat foot is to improve alignment of the foot, which will lead to more normal force load distribution while walking and standing. This may require the use of a combination of procedures that will repair the tendons and ligaments responsible for supporting the arch. Surgical techniques also often use bone cuts to help restore the arch to a proper height.

The procedures we perform will depend, naturally, on the patient and specific situation, but can include securing the heel bone in place, lengthening the heel bone, fusing bones into proper position, rerouting ligaments, and fusing joints to provide appropriate arch structure.

If you are suffering from painful symptoms related to flat feet, our first approach will be to use conservative methods to provide relief. Should these prove to be less effective than we hope, then it will be time to explore surgical options. Fortunately, this is a rare situation and, even better, our podiatry practice has the top equipment and personnel needed for successful procedures.

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