Treatment Options for Ingrown Toenails

Far too many people suffer in silence even though good options for treating ingrown toenails exist. A trained podiatrist like Dr. Matt Wettstein at Advanced Foot & Ankle in Twin Falls and Burley, ID can help you sort through your choices and find quick, effective relief for your discomfort. With spring around the corner and more and more people venturing out to enjoy the great outdoors, you definitely don’t want an ingrown toenail keeping you homebound!

If your case is not severe, there’s no infection, and you don’t have any other reasons to be concerned (such as diabetes or vascular disease), you may try managing the problem at home. Give your feet a nice soak every now and then, apply a topical antibiotic, and keep your toe unencumbered by restrictive socks and shoes, and you could feel a lot better.Ingrown toenail

However, if the nail is giving you real problems—pain, infection, etc.—we stand ready to help. Our office provides minor surgical procedures that can help you find immediate relief.

Depending on your situation, we will usually recommend removing the ingrown portion of the nail, or in more severe cases the entire nail. Once the nail is no longer digging into the soft surrounding skin, pain relief can begin right away. In fact, most people are able to get back to their ordinary activities within a day (and feel much better doing them).

We also have the ability to use a chemical treatment to remove a small portion of the nail matrix responsible for growing new nail along the ingrown edge. That means this section of the nail won’t grow back once it has been removed. It’s an especially great option for people who struggling with chronic ingrown toenail problems, as it’s very safe, extremely successful in the vast majority of cases, and even looks pretty good, too.

With so many good options for quick (and potentially permanent) pain relief, we urge anyone with ingrown toenails to schedule an appointment with us. We love making people feel better, and we’re dedicated to making the process as stress-free and pain-free as possible. To request a time, please use our online form or pick up the phone and dial 208-731-6321.

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